Facebook Workshop

*Whether you’re a novice at Facebook or have built a good business page up, I can show how to get more from it and be confident & competent at it!*

On Completion of this workshop you will:
* Understand why Facebook matters, how to make it work for your business to be the best marketing tool you will need!
*Understand the new changes that Facebook have introduced that are restricting who sees your posts and how to overcome this!
*Build your Fan Base and Increase Sales!
*Attract the right customers to you!
*Create posts and content that will lead to brand awareness and sales Build your knowledge
*Engage with your audience to be your advertisers and get the most when spending money on advertising!

GirlFridayNI has been a social media trainer for over 5 years to many industry sectors & has over 20 years sales and marketing experience in all industry sectors from retail to construction.