Girl Friday NI is a virtual office service operating across the UK and Ireland, providing virtual office support, personal assistance, secretarial services, business support services and administration assistance remotely from our office in Belfast Northern Ireland.

We focus on assisting mobile professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses that require the knowledge and skills of an experienced personal assistant, but only want that assistance when it suits them.

The main advantage of using Girl Friday NI is complete flexibility. We can work as many or few hours as required and only charge you for the actual time worked. You can use us as a part time employee, for specific projects, or regularly to assist with the ever increasing To-Do-List.

With Girl Friday NI you will have NO employee costs such as (Tax, NI contributions, Pension, holidays, sick cover, etc.) and we guarantee that work will be delivered to the highest standards and client requirements. When you use our services we provide continuity and a proactive partnership for your business.

There really is no catch!  You just have more time on your hands to get on with the reason you started your business in the first place saving you time and money!

Even the best businesses can get snowed under with the day to day admin.

If you hate paperwork, or simply feel it’s getting in the way of the reasons why you started your business in the first place, Girl Friday NI can take the weight off your shoulders and build a solid administrative foundation to allow your business to grow how you want.

If you find your to “To Do List” is taking more time than you have it’s now time to call on Girl Friday NI to help.

Whether you need all round help or specific skills Girl Friday NI is the right Virtual Assistant for you.

  • Implement Administration Processes
  • Implement and design Excel Spreadsheets Market Research
  • Find products and services Check and respond to emails Organise documents
  • Help with your to-do-list
  • Data entry
  • Source & buy products and services
  • Book accommodation & travel
  • Find and book restaurants
  • Handle incoming client contact
  • Edit or format a document
  • PowerPoint Presentations

Girl Friday offers a full accounts & book-keeping service to businesses who need to keep on top of their paperwork.

Outsourcing your day to day accounts frees you up, giving you time to build your business and not be distracted by backend office functions that are a necessity, but can always  be put off leading to stress!

The bottom line is that, by outsourcing your book-keeping and day to day accounts saves you time and money!

We have the expertise to deliver the best solutions on time using best practice.

Our services are always geared to the needs of each individual client. We can provide assistance on:

* Processing of sales, purchase and & bank transaction
* Bank reconciliations, including credit card accounts
* Expense reporting
* Maintaining Sales & Purchases Ledgers
* Invoicing
* Credit Control
* Auditing
* Spreadsheets

So many small businesses lose out on valuable profit due to sales falling through.

With over 25 years’ experience with a proven track record on delivering sales I help you find new clients, speak to them for you and help build loyalty and increase sales so increasing your profit and saving you time.

With GirlFridayNI as your assistant you can be sure that the following tasks will be taken care of helping you get on with your core business.

  • Customer Relations

The customer should be at the heart of everything you do, and GirlFridayNI will keep yours beating strong.

With over twenty years experience in customer-facing roles, GirlFridayNI can handle your customer interactions on an as-and-when basis, or help refresh your staff on the best way to handle those often tricky customer interactions that can make the difference between a bad day, and a great business opportunity.

  • Client Management

You’ve got the client, now where do you go from here?

A successful business can cater to a wide range of clients and client bases, but keeping everyone happy all the time can be a struggle if the time simply isn’t there. GirlFridayNI can offer a tailored client management service to bridge the gap between your company’s mission and your client’s satisfaction.

  • Email Marketing Design and Monitor Campaigns
  • Email List Management
  • Develop a Marketing Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Lead Generation
  • Develop Surveys
  • Client Prospecting

Small businesses can make a big impact with the right social media presence.

Social Media Marketing is the definitive point of entry for small businesses looking to increase their reach and brand awareness.

How do you engage potential customers and clients?

How do you optimize social media pages to ensure they’re easy to find and quick to hook people into liking or following your pages?

How are you using social media to enhance content marketing efforts?

Let GirlFridayNI manage your social media for an effective, bespoke service to build and maintain your identity online, helping you build your sales and customer loyalty.

Or if you prefer to learn how to do it for yourself we also offer both In-house bespoke workshops and group workshops where you learn how to find your voice. See our Social Media Tab for more information.